Northwind Stables LLC

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4-H Family

Quotes "Northwind Stables is a leader in equine activities. Not only are the horses well attended, but the owners provide educational and social events for the boarders. It is a close community and we support each other in our personal daily journey as well as horse related activities. Respect, acceptance of diversity, and positive open interactions with horses and humans provide a safe environment for all." Quotes
Cheryl Boros

Quotes I also want to say that the people that board there, whether they are new to the barn or have been there a while, become very good friends. We ride and laugh together as well as help each other with problems we are having with our horses. We help and comfort each other when our horses are having a problem such as when my mare had colic. Our moto is it takes a village to care for horses. We would love to have anyone join us who would love to come out and enjoy their horse and laugh with friends. Quotes
Chris Derks

Quotes Sue and Bruce are such caring people when comes to our horses. As an example, last winter when we had that first cold snow storm, my mare came down with colic. Sue brought her in and proceeded to get a gallon of mineral oil and bran down her of which we couldn't do through the night. Sue also had the magic touch as far as getting Chloe up and walking that me and 4 of my fellow boarders who took turns staying with me and helping couldn't do. Later in the evening when Chloe was doing good, Sue made me come in and she fed me dinner. She also offered me a bed to sleep in. Sue was up every hour going to the barn to check on Chloe. At 5:00 AM she had to get up and feed and turn out horses and go and work a 10 hour day without complaining. This is just one incident of the great care we get out there. Bruce is in such touch with all the horses. If an owner can't get out there for awhile, he will spend time with that horse after working all day just to keep them around human hands. Quotes
Chris Derks