Northwind Stables, LLC 

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Who We Are

Bruce and Sue Elben purchased this forclosed farm in 2007. Since then,  they have worked every day on turning it into a beautiful, functioning boarding stable. They are both dedicated to making sure that this is a quiet, stress free environment  for the horses and their owners.  


Bruce is a carpenter who currently splits his time between working at a local golf course and a ski resort, all while maintaining and improving the grounds and stable on a daily basis. He and Sue both share in the feeding, caring, cleaning and training of  the horses.  Sue is a licensed master social worker who works full time at the local hospital. She was raised with Morgan horses and now has her own Morgan farm/boarding stable. Sue specializes in critical incident stress management, crisis management, building resilency and promotes healthy living.  Her focus is to educate others in learning to become stress resistent,  to be a team player while being the best version of themselves and to live and enjoy each day to the fullest.


Both Bruce and Sue are dedicated to their families and their community. They are grateful for each day, no matter what it brings to them. They are professional, they work hard and respect that others that board here will be respectful and grateful too!